Can the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA championship in the 2022-2023 season?

Los Angeles Lakers

The regular season of the National Basketball Association is in full swing, after almost a third of the season, we can draw the first conclusions about the strength of the teams and their future prospects. Before the start of the regular season, many experts and fans traditionally discussed the Los Angeles Lakers with the star trio – LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. However, the debut meetings raised more questions than answers. The team miserably failed in the starting 12 fights, but later, due to the titanic efforts of Anthony Davis in the first place, they managed to somewhat level the situation.
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Lakers performance last season

Last season was a real disappointment for the fans of this great team. After the signing of point guard Russell Westbrook, a big trio with Anthony Davis and LeBron James was supposed to form in Los Angeles, however, the situation got out of hand. LeBron only played 56 games with the Lakers, and Davis even fewer (40 games). The bet on experienced players who were supposed to help the team leaders also did not work.

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In the end, the Lakers finished only 11th in the Western Conference with 33 wins and 49 losses and failed to even qualify for the Play-in. The season ended with two defeats in a row, and the gap from the coveted 10th place, where the San Antonio Spurs are located, was only 1 win.

2022 off season

Los Angeles executives and coaches have taken a different path this year, assembling a younger but untested roster to surround their veteran core. In doing so, the youth of Los Angeles offers more benefits and brings much-needed athleticism. The Lakers also took big steps to improve the bench, signing veteran Patrick Beverley and bringing back Dennis Schroeder.

Head coach Darwin Ham plans to make a bet on the attack on Anthony Davis this season, which could make some adjustments to the defense. Before the start of the season, Davis lost some weight to get in better shape, he is working out in the gym, improving his throwing efficiency. If James and Davis play the way they did in the 2019-20 season, the Lakers should be a threat to many teams in the NBA.

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Can the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA in the 2022-2023 season?

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most beloved teams in the NBA. Many of the greatest players ever took to the purple and yellow/gold floors. Names such as Kareem, Shaq, Magic and the great Kobe Bryant, who is no longer with us, are known to all basketball fans. The Lakers have built a loyal fan base thanks to their success in recent seasons, but today they have a slightly different outlook.

The Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but otherwise, they have nothing to brag about. James is now in his 20th season in the NBA and the King has a lot of tread on his tires. While James still looks fantastic, many pundits agree that he won’t make it through the season without injury. Anthony Davis has every opportunity to become the most valuable player of the season, but his absence limits the opportunities for the Lakers. Davis is always offended, there is always the impression that he can get injured in any fight. He can last a couple of months this season playing every game or have a lot of days off after a few games in a row. For the rest of the team, there is Russell Westbrook, who has yet to prove his worth in the new environment. As for the rest of the players, basketball fans who don’t follow the Lakers as closely will probably not be able to name their names without help.

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Lakers fans continue to support their favorites, but they should not count on success for the foreseeable future. The Lakers won’t be able to stay healthy this season and may not even make it to the Playoffs (though we still believe it will happen). Bookmakers estimate the chances of the Los Angeles Lakers championship at a factor of 14.0. The Milwaukee Bucks (6.50), Boston Celtics (6.50) and Golden State Warriors (8.00) remain the biggest favorites of the season.

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