Mid-Century Modern Coffee Tables Can Have Many Uses, Discover Them Here!

Modern Coffee Tables

At the beginning of its creation, the purpose of a coffee table was to serve as a furnishing from which coffee could be served. Its shape and purposes have evolved since then; now, mid-century modern coffee tables serve a wide range of uses.

Brings Together a Room

In the center of most living rooms is a coffee table. Why is that? Coffee tables serve as the signature pieces in a room, and it brings a whole room together. No living room feels complete without the presence of a coffee table.


Mid-century modern coffee tables are not just for show; they are fully functional and serve a purpose. 

There are coffee tables in this style that have an additional level or drawers underneath. This place provides a space to store things, like remotes, electronics, magazines, and mail, so that they’re not all cluttered on top of the table and are kept out of sight.

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For those who work from home and freelance, a coffee table can also serve as a desk. The flat surface is ideal for writing, spreading out papers, and typing on keyboards, all from the comfort of the sofa. 

Extra Seating

When guests are over, a common problem is not having enough seating. For dinner parties and other social gatherings, coffee tables can serve as both extra seating and an extra flat surface for guests to sit around.


Coffee tables provide a space for recreational purposes, like game nights. Various activities can be conducted on the flat surface, like puzzles, board games, and playing cards. 


This style of coffee table can bring beauty into your living room. Mid-century modern furniture tends to be made of wood, so you can find a lovely solid wood oak coffee table for your home. 

Solid wood furniture is sleek and gorgeous, and each piece is unique. When trees grow, they develop rings and knots that are unique to that specific tree, and these special qualities are put on full display in coffee tables. Not to mention wood coffee tables are available in a variety of shades and finishes.

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Space Filler

Often, coffee tables are found in living rooms, which tend to be the largest rooms in the house. Though the other furniture is set up perfectly, there is generally a large space in the living room and the feeling that something is missing. 

This is where mid-century modern coffee tables come in. The coffee table fills the space and adds to the warmth of the room. If you have multiple chairs and a large sofa, a coffee table can help bridge any space between them.

Other Styles of Coffee Tables

Besides mid-century modern coffee tables, there are a few different coffee table styles, though the durability and versatility of mid-century modern furniture surpass them.


This style of Coffee table was originally created by the Shakers, which were a Christian group. The surface is usually solid wood with a wooden drawer directly underneath and small shelving space in addition.

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Found in various pastel colors, cottage coffee tables tend to have small, unique imperfections and are low-key. They’re cute and can bring charm to a living room. 


Inspired by the industrial revolution, these coffee tables tend to be rugged and edgy, and many options use metal as one of the main materials. 


This coffee table style was developed somewhere in the 1930s, and they stand on four legs with a thick, flat top.


The style sees a lot of chrome and tempered glass, and many options have two surfaces: a top surface to serve as a tabletop for drinks and a lower surface used for magazines and storage of other items.


Contemporary coffee tables are typically branded, and their designers can be easily recognized by their design. This style of coffee table incorporates both natural and synthetic materials, and often the coffee tables are found in interesting shapes. 

Mid-century modern coffee tables are so versatile and useful that no home is complete without one.

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