Top 9 Upcoming Video Game Releases In 2023

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The world of gambling entertainment is very rich. Here everyone can find an opportunity to have a good time. Some users are attracted to online casinos where they can distract themselves from their daily problems, by spinning the reels. Betting can be taken advantage of to earn. However, to do this, you should always choose a reliable and trustworthy casino, as described in Golden Lion Casino review. If you want to get more familiar with your favorite slot, understand the game process, or develop a successful strategy, just launch the slot in demo mode. Once you understand the gameplay, place your bets and spin the reels.

However, not all visitors to the World Wide Web feel attracted to gambling establishments. Many people prefer modern video games that provoke a storm of emotions and excitement. According to research, Internet users are not so much attracted to entertainment as to the possibility to live out their fantasies, even if in virtual space. One dreams to drive a high-speed car, the other to climb a rock and take selfies, and the third simply wants to break the law. Whatever you can’t do in reality, you can do virtually. Welcome to the world of virtual entertainment.

Complete Breakaway with First-Person Shooters

This is the most dynamic category of video games. Every development company dreams of releasing a game that will become a bestseller in this category. The upcoming 2023 prepares a lot of good novelties in this industry. 

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The first place is taken by the sequel to the legendary S.T.A.L.K.E.R..  The developers promise a unique atmosphere, which will provide complete immersion in the entourage of the game.  

GSC studio paid special attention to the development of the game world. It uses a real-world setting but the natural environment is complemented by paranormal zones. 

Metro 4 is the main competitor in 2023. It also uses the main character’s adventures in the post-apocalyptic world as a storyline. As in the previous series, the place of action is the underground subway. In addition to changes in the plot, an improved engine with the use of tracing technology is expected. So don’t forget to get an NVIDIA RTX 2060 class graphics card or higher.

The third place in the waiting list of games is Dead Space. The very first game of this franchise was released back in 2008. According to the fans, the main advantages of the Dead Space games are as follows:

  • well-designed gameplay;
  • a variety of monsters as opponents whose behavior is not linear;
  • good background music;
  • excellent gameplay physics.

The developers used the third-person view in this game. However, it is done in a very smart way, so the immersive effect is guaranteed.

Simulators That Convert to Reality

The game world may well replace reality. The year 2023 will give players applications that enable them to feel like anybody from a car racer to a spaceship pilot. The simulation genre is one of the oldest among video games. And although it is not as popular as shooters or MMORPG today, it has its own army of fans.

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Auto racing fans are looking forward to the Forza MotorSport release. Analysts predict this game to be as successful as Forza Horison 5. Here you will find a huge racing fleet and the most popular tracks. The developers have carefully worked out the physics of movement of the vehicles and their connection to the control system. Professional fans of virtual races use special console steering wheels and pedal boxes.

The genre of computer simulation games has links beyond Earth as well. Kerbal Space Program 2 will let you feel like a space explorer. And it is not something fantastic. The developers from Private Division studio actively cooperate with specialists in the fields of rocket engineering and space technology in designing a new part of their application.  

When mentioning simulators, one should not forget about such a popular direction as online casinos. Basically, they are analogs of land-based gambling establishments. The world’s leading providers such as NetEnt, PlayTech, Novomatic, and Playson are already actively working on the release of new slots on the market.

By choosing an online casino, the player gets the following advantages:

  • Bets can be placed 24/7 without being tied to a place;
  • A huge selection of the most diverse applications: from analogs of the classic offers to original slots;
  • The possibility of quickly winning a large sum of money;
  • Excellent bonuses for newcomers and guests who show loyalty to the casino.
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The key difference from regular video games is the way they are offered. Players do not need to download a voluminous application to their phones. As a rule, virtual gaming platforms offer hundreds of games from leading developers on their websites. And if you are not satisfied with one online casino, you can easily switch to another and on better terms. 

A Beautiful Mind in Your Computer

Diablo IV

In 2023, the virtual world is ready to introduce a number of applications where in addition to quick reactions you need a fine calculation to win. These include puzzle games, quests, strategies, and role-playing games.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be a great gift for those who love to combine a fantasy world, vivid graphics, unusual characters, and the need for a careful selection of gaming strategies. The choice of the protagonist directly determines what skills you will use when completing missions.

Even before Diablo IV is released, the fans of this great series are excited. Blizzard continues to keep the intrigue to the end. It’s nice that the advanced graphics here is combined with reasonable system requirements.

ElementMinimum requirementsOptimal requirements
CPUsIntel Core i3Intel Core i5
RAMDDR 4, 8GbDDR 4, 12Gb
Graphic cardNVidia GTX 260, Radeon HD 4870NVidia GTX 460, Radeon HD 6870
Free HDD15 Gb25 Gb

Some video games are intentionally kept secret until their release. Taking advantage of the surge of interest from fans of virtual entertainment, developers try to make the most of sales during this period.

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